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I have been dealing with a failed spinal fusion surgery for almost twenty years, and thankfully I found Dr. Crandall, who had a plan to help me! He was able to help me with a combination of spinal decompression therapy and massage therapy to relieve my chronic pain syndrome. Thanks, Dr. Crandall! I have my life back again, and can get up in the morning without debilitating pain and stiffness I used to deal with every day!
- Brian M, Falls Church, Virginia
As a teacher I spend a lot of my day standing in front of my students while teaching my class. As a low-back pain patient, this part of my job was becoming too painful for me.I went to Dr. Crandall for relief of my low-back pain, and he was able to help me to relieve my pain and taught me valuable skills to help reduce my pain with stretching and exercises specific to my injury.
- Julia O' L, South Riding, Virginia
Dr. Crandall makes me feel like my aches and pains are attended to and all questions answered. I feel progress is being made every time I visit. I very much like the adjustments I receive from Dr. Crandall. I am able to get in whenever I need an appointment and there is a very friendly staff.
- Tricia, Springfield, Virginia
When I moved to the area several years ago, I was desperate to find a good chiropractor. Not only did I find a good chiropractor, I found a GREAT one – Dr. Crandall! Whether it is neck and shoulder pain from too much computer work, commuting, strained muscles from exercise, or outdoor gardening; Dr. Crandall can fix it all! He always knows where it hurts, and always makes the pain go away. I always leave his office feeling like a new woman. I am so glad that I found him and his wonderful staff!
- Vickie P - Alexandria, Virginia
A debilitating back injury in 1989 ruptured my L4-L5 discs. Every doctor that examined me suggested surgery. I joined a gym in 1994 in Alexandria, VA, and that's where I met Dr. Crandall. He did an exam, and told me my spine was out of alignment. I thought to myself here we go, this guy is crazy. I took a chance, and made an appointment. I am so glad that I did! Dr. Crandall's therapy helped to relieve my chronic pain quickly. I recommend that anyone having back pain to at least try a few appointments with Dr. Crandall! All you have to lose is your pain!
- Paul E, Washington, DC
After only a handful of sessions with Dr. Crandall, my back pain went from intolerable to completely manageable! Now, only a few months later, I am pain free and back in action! Dr. Crandall is patient and knowledgeable. He explained the likely cause of my pain, and how we were going to attack it. Both he and his staff are so friendly and welcoming that I felt comfortable immediately. I look forward to my visits! I strongly recommend Dr. Crandall and his wonderful team for your chiropractic care!
- J. Schrieber
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